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Crime & Public Safety

"Our current elected officials are not being held accountable or acting with the urgency we need to address the crime crisis plaguing our city. It’s time for us to act rather than continue to sit on the sidelines."

The Breakdown 


Baltimore faces highest homicide rate in the city’s history and a pervasive sense of hopelessness on our ability to impact crime levels.


Reduce homicides by 25 percent in first term


Build a coalition of experts


Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Urgent Action to End Violence

  • Challenge: Baltimore faces its highest homicide rate in history, necessitating immediate and decisive action.

  • Vision: Reduce homicides by 25% within the first term.

  • Approach: Form a coalition of experts to develop a comprehensive plan to tackle gun violence and end the cycle of crime.


Building Trust Between Communities and Police

  • Challenge: There is a lack of trust between the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) and minority communities.

  • Vision: Rebuild trust between BPD and the minority community to foster cooperation and effective crime-fighting.

  • Approach: Increase foot patrols, improve BPD policies, training, recruitment, and accountability to ensure residents feel safe and respected.


Community Engagement and Accountability

  • Principle: Successful change requires mutual trust and cooperation between police officers and citizens.

  • Strategy: Strengthen relationships between police and communities through enhanced accountability measures and increased community engagement initiatives.


Strategic Partnerships and Innovative Solutions

  • Opportunity: Explore proven strategies from other cities, such as Oakland and Philadelphia, to address Baltimore's crime crisis.

  • Approach: Establish strategic partnerships and leverage existing resources to implement innovative solutions and reduce violent crime effectively.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “Crime & Public Safety” Plan

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