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Economic Development and Job Growth

“As mayor of Baltimore CIty, I will evaluate the harm inflicted on the city’s economy. This will involve pinpointing the industries hit the hardest. My aim is to locate resources for aiding the most affected industries and businesses. At the same time, I will strive to enhance and expand the economy..”

The Breakdown 


Baltimore City is continuing to face a severe budget deficit and record levels of unemployment following the coronavirus pandemic


Protect jobs, support local businesses, expand the economy


A three part plan: Assess the damage, identify resources to support our most impacted industries, simultaneously work to expand the greater economy


Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Addressing Challenges

Challenge: Baltimore faces a significant budget deficit and high unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Vision: Prioritize job protection, local business support, and overall economic expansion.



Supporting Small Businesses

Focus: Small and minority-owned businesses need special attention for a robust recovery.
Action: Evaluate city policies to aid the transition to the 'new normal' post-COVID-19.


Assessing Damage

Our Approach: Swiftly assess the impact of the pandemic on industries and identify resources to support the most affected.


Strategic Economic Growth

Leadership: Commitment to efficiently expand and grow the economy while addressing the aftermath of the crisis.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “Economic Development and Job Growth” Plan

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