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Educational Excellence

”Baltimore City Public Schools require enhancement. I am committed to implementing a fresh, comprehensive approach to educating the youth of Baltimore—an approach that previous administrations have overlooked or failed to imagine.”

The Breakdown 


Operational inefficiencies in Baltimore City Public Schools


Position our youth for academic success 


Audit existing financial system to clarify sources and uses of funds


Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Ensuring Adequate Funding

Challenge: Baltimore City Public Schools have historically faced operational inefficiencies and underfunding.
Vision: Position our youth for academic success by ensuring proper funding allocation.
Approach: Conduct a thorough audit of the existing financial system to identify sources and uses of funds, advocating for increased funding and strategic allocation of resources to achieve optimal educational outcomes.



Effective School Leadership

Action: Appoint influential and effective leaders to the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners.
Goal: Demand accountability and performance from school leadership to ensure the delivery of results that benefit all students.


Holistic Approach to Education

Principle: Every child in Baltimore deserves access to a high-quality education.
Strategy: Implement a holistic approach to education that focuses on improving test scores, attendance, and graduation rates, while also providing opportunities for higher education and skill training.


Expanding Youth Initiatives

Priority: Expand youth initiatives to provide more opportunities for personal and academic growth.
Approach: Invest in recreation centers, mentorship programs, and job resources to increase graduation rates and post-secondary education attendance.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “Educational Excellence" Plan

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