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Power of Faith-Based Community

“As a young man in the Cherry Hill community, our strong faith-based community guided me morally when I faced a choice between doing right and choosing a path of crime and despair. These communities are key allies in Baltimore’s battle against crime and violence.”


Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Community Connection

Insight: Recognizes the vital role of faith-based institutions in connecting with and supporting local residents.


Frontline Support

Understanding: Acknowledges that faith-based institutions often serve as the primary source of hope in communities facing crime and violence.


Personal Experience

Relatability: Shares a personal story about the positive impact of the faith-based community in the Cherry Hill neighborhood.


Moral Guidance

Commitment: Stresses the importance of faith-based communities in providing moral guidance, especially to the youth.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “Power of Faith-Based Community” Plan

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