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‘Connectedness’ Through Strategic Partnerships

“I recognize Baltimore’s untapped potential due to a lack of connectedness. I will utilize my 30+ years of business experience to introduce innovative strategies through strategic partnerships and collaboration.”

The Breakdown 


Baltimore City has the resources necessary to be great but is lacking in terms of connectivity; on a local, national, & international level


Unite Baltimore as one and together, leverage ne and innovative strategies to move our city forward as a hub for business and technological investment.


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Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Uniting Baltimore

Challenge: Acknowledges Baltimore's potential but emphasizes the current lack of connectedness.

Vision: A unified Baltimore achieved through strategic partnerships and collaboration.


Innovative Economic Strategies

Approach: Capitalizes on over 30 years of business experience to introduce innovative strategies.
Mission: Creating a conducive environment for diverse stakeholders to thrive, fostering economic growth.


Global Networks for Local Impact

Strength: Leverages a global network to attract business and services to Baltimore.
Immediate Action: Commits to initiating essential relationships immediately post-election for a prompt start.


Data-Driven Governance

Approach: Utilizes data, technology, and alliances for informed decision-making.
Transparency Commitment: Establishes an online public dashboard for transparent reporting on city agencies, initiatives, and economic indicators.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “‘Connectedness’ Through Strategic Partnerships” Plan

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