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Transparent Leadership

"In my first 100 days in office, we will undertake a complete forensic financial audit of every city agency to see how and where budgets are being spent and how well they are being managed. We will root out mismanagement to ensure that each agency is doing its best to carry out its duty to serve the needs of the citizens of Baltimore City."

The Breakdown 


Cycle of mismanagement and corrupt leadership in City Hall


Transparent, accountable leadership


Undertake financial audit of every city agency


Bob's Plan

The Key Components


Ending Mismanagement and Corruption

Challenge: Tackle the cycle of mismanagement and corrupt leadership in City Hall.
Vision: Strive for transparent, accountable leadership that works for every Baltimore resident.



New Position for Ethics and Transparency

Innovation: Establish the role of a city manager/chief ethics officer dedicated to enhancing accountability and transparency.

Responsibility: Oversee ethics across city employees, budgets, and elected officials.


Accountability Measures

Commitment: Hold elected officials accountable and address systemic corruption.
Strategy: Undertake a forensic financial audit of every city agency within the first 100 days in office to identify mismanagement and improve efficiency.


Citizen-Centric Government

Objective: Ensure each city agency serves the needs of Baltimore residents effectively.
Action: Root out mismanagement and optimize agency performance for the benefit of the community.

Explore the Full Position Paper

Click here to Read Bob’s full “Transparent Leadership” Plan

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